Girl on Lady Action

GirlonLadyCome see me play with some sweet Nerd ladies (and by play, I mean improvise)

Girl on Lady Action

9PM at the Nerdist School (same building as Meltdown Comics) 7522 Sunset Blvd. Saturday, September 5th

It may feel like we’re in the midst of a heat wave, but really we’re just diving into California Fall! Why not cool off by taking a dip into a pool of funny with these lovely ladies:

Betsy Stover, Bianca Malinowski, Helen Burak, Kay Kaanapu, Lexi Notabartolo, Liz Kenny, Michelle Malizaki, Muriel Montgomery, Nicole Starett, Patricia Villetto, Rebecca Edwards, Ruby Marez  and Steph Garcia!

Or if you can’t make it Saturday, every Sunday at 7:30, UN Jefferson, my Nerdist house team, performs at the Nerdist stage so come on by! (but come at 7 because that’s when the hour long show begins. Looking forward to seeing your smiling face!

Monkeying around in the Dole Dippers TV Commercial

I had so much fun playing the blue-eyed well-to-do monkey in the  “Monkeys by the Pool” National TV spot for Dole Dippers. P.S. They are superb! Check it out here:

Dole Dippers

Upcoming Improv Shows!

11182157_1717963531761808_6240657469143801521_nLots of ways for you to see me improvise

  • June 8th – 10:30 PM – Del Close Theater at Improv Olympic with the FREE AGENTS
  • June 14th – 7PM – Nerdist School Stage @ Sunset Meltdown Comics (7522 Sunset Blvd) with U.N. Jefferson
  • June 28th – 7PM – Nerdist School Stage with U.N. Jefferson and Karen
  • July 12th – 9PM – Nerdist School Stage with U.N. Jefferson and The Faculty
  • July 19th – 9PM – Nerdist School Stage with U.N. Jefferson and The Faculty
  • July 26th – 9PM – Nerdist School Stage with U.N. Jefferson and The Faculty

Nerdist School 1st Annual All-Day Assembly

I’ll be performing at 2:40 with my new improv house team Addax Facts and again at 3:30 with Girl on Lady Action. Check out the Nerdist School’s write-up in the Hollywood Reporter and come on out ya nerd!


Paige Harris in GTA V Online Heists

gta-5-online-heistsAre you ready to play more Grand Theft Auto V? Missed the best hacker you can hire – Paige Harris? As of March 16th, you can play more GTA V and use Paige Harris to win some green with Grand Theft Auto Online Heists. This project was a lot of fun because I got to do motion capture. Hear my voice, see my moves! Get gaming.


I’m on a Nerdist House Improv Team!


hey hey hey! The Nerdist has a new house improv team and I’m on it! ADDAX FACTS is Chad Fogland, Daisy Faith, Julie Marcus, Justin Baker, Kelsey Britt, Majeed Nami, Pepper Berry and Robin Kapustin. We’re performing for the first time together at the Nerdist Opening on March 28th. Come on by and give us some nerd love.