My Recording Studio

My StudioBricks Pro Recording Studio

A major plus to my choice of career is being able to do a majority of my work from the comfort of my own home. To make this possible my personal STUDIOBRICKS Pro 5 foot by 6 foot acoustics triple wall booth is equipped with highly advanced technology to imitate the same sound quality that would be produced at an audio production facility. It produces 52db in accordance with ISO 71701. Find more info here:

Within my studio I currently use the Sennheiser MKH 416-P48 mic and an Apogee Duet audio interface and/or a Shure X2U signal adaptor. I use to Twisted Wave to record and edit recordings on MacBook Pro and I can connect to my clients throughconsists of Source Connect, Phone Patch, and ipDTL. See below for pictures!

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